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Listings include residential & commercial property and land.

General information

Most of this information will only apply if you are trying to do an off-market (private) transaction and you are not using an agent.

  1. Always use the “Contact Advertiser” button on the property listing page and make contact throughrent-property-fast.com.  Don’t reply to adverts with email addresses in the listing pictures, as this may be a scammer or someone trying to cover their tracks.
  2. If arranging to view a property, always tell someone the address of where you are going and ideally attend with another person.
  3. Whether buying or renting, never carry large sums of money with you when viewing and do not pay a deposit until you have an agreement in writing.
  4. Be careful of potential scams and listen to your intuition – if you are uncomfortable with someone, or someone makes you feel uneasy, walk away.  If you wish to report an advertiser, please contact us and stop all correspondence with them.
  5. Always ask questions of a renter and don’t be scared to say no, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, so use your head.

Tips for renting property privately

If you are renting your property privately through this website and you are not using an agent, it may be worth reading.

Renting a property privately can often save you a lot of money on agent’s fees, however there are a number of things to consider when advertising your property for rent privately.

Below are a few pointers which should help a little in trying to avoid potential problems with renting your property privately:

  1. It might sound crazy, but make your house desirable to a potential tenant.  Present the property as a “Blank canvas” for the potential occupant – if you have very personal decorating and bright coloured paint, it could be worth toning it down and going a little more neutral – this almost certainly will attract your house to a wider range of renters.
  2. Take lots of photos of inside and out and even take photos of specific features that may make your property stand out from others
  3. Make sure you have a realistic rent price – research prices of other similar properties to rent in the surrounding area and you could even contact a local agent to see what price they might advertise your real estate for.  The cheaper the price against other rentals on the market, the more likely you are to secure a fast property rental.  Please remember that if you have a loan on the property, you will need to be able to pay your monthly mortgage from your rental income, so don’t go too low.
  4. If a buyer offers a lot less than you originally wanted, it’s OK to say no – it may mean they are serious though, so why not suggest a figure somewhere between your asking price and their offer.
  5. Never take a deposit from a buyer until you have carried out reference and ID checks – this is likely to reduce the risk of nightmare tenants, but doesn’t always guarantee they will be angels!
  6. Try to be flexible on move in dates, as it is usually this that can cause issues with the buyer.
  7. Remember, you may have to inform a mortgage lender that you wish to rent your property, if you originally purchased the property to live in.
  8. Make sure all gas, electrical and PAT test certificates are up to date and legal (where required)

Tips for renting property privately

If you are making contact with someone renting through this website and they are not an agent, please read the following.

  1. Find out how much money you can afford before starting the search for a property, as the last thing you want is agreeing to a lease which means you can’t afford to eat!
  2. Whilst viewing a property, often the most important questions are forgotten, so make a note of questions you want to know the answers to before you go. Don’t be ashamed to pull out a list of questions! Ask about things like any repairs or new fittings that are included and what are running costs on the property like etc.
  3. Many of the properties listed onwww.rent-property-fast.com are for rent by the owner and therefore may be advertised with “unofficial” sales prices – if the price seems too high (or low) always ask whether the seller has had a recent valuation carried out by an agent.
  4. If you are paying a cash deposit to a renter, make sure you get a receipt from the renter.
  5. Try to be flexible on move in dates, as it is a delayed move in that can often put a landlord off (this is his business and needs to get the property rented as quickly as possible)
  6. Keep the renter informed of your interest and then progress all along the way, as you may lose the opportunity if they don’t know what is happening.